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Time to turn this puppy in! I went from 19 pages down to 17, the limit is supposed to be 12 so I hope that I don’t get in trouble for that xD and thank you so much to #bestie @iluvkimi220 for helping me throughout this story from start to finish and thank you to classmate Zufi for reading it over and helping me revise it, you guys are rock stars! :D <33 #writingislife #theforbiddensin #creativewriting

"It shouldn’t matter what other people think of your work, as long as you love it and are satisfied with it then that’s all that matters in life."

New additions to the book family that I got in the mail today! (: <33 Thank you to #bestie @iluvkimi220 for Beneath This Man and This Man Confessed and thank you to @pink_glittershoes & Rowan, David, and Jaimie for the gift cards to B&N that lead me to getting Ignite Me, The Burnouts, Starry Nights, and Opposition for myself! I also got Hopeless and Losing Hope for @iluvkimi220 and a copy of Losing Hope for myself (: They are both signed! Thank you to @colleenhoover for signing them for us! :D <33

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